From the Sagas of Arrowstone, 4710

A fragment scribed by Heild Kolbernskald:

Children were missing from Orphan Hall,

Those sireless descendants of Winter Blight.

Arrowstone sent there heroes four,

And there they discovered icy plot.

Dolls of valkyrs, figures of einherjar,

Were given to children, all by Skark,

Cleric of Erastil, sole survivor

Of that bold Battle of Winter Blight.

The heroes discovered that Skark was huecuva,

Faithless coward forsaken of Erastil

And now in service to the Winter Queen.

In Skark’s house Cyris received a death-wound,

Not from Skark but from viper in pit.

Help was sought from Deadeye Rock:

Eirvit of Erastil and her sister Skeild,

Came to heal and help the heroes.

But woes increased when next they learned

Of what transpired when heroes left hall.

That was when the dolls awoke.

With spells they made the children sleep,

And slew the grownup wardens of youth.

With craft they floated kids to cellar,

But there were broken by baleful bogey.

The bogey now knew that he must flee,

For Aldis and her daughters would stop his stay,

But on the skin of dead kid scored

Taunting rhyme and Hrazek hight took.

Then our heroes to Cold Hearth hied.

There they found a band of Duergar

Exporting children on ramp of ice.

Where in the darksome deeps it wended

Our hindered heroes could not know,

For the dark dwarves dropped it to abyss

Of void-dark before they all were slain.

Un the Fishmonger raised the town

Said our heroes did dismal job.

So Kolbern sent our heroes to Hornhall,

To bring a message to Herm the Hammerhand.

There in Hornhall the ground was falling,

Losing virtue bequeathed by Erastil.

Gear-grinding gremlins filled the deeps,

Infesting waters with frigid poison.

Now begins the saga of Rahjin,

Son of Kolbern sent to Hornhall.

Now begins the half-troll’s seeking,

A search for meaning in northern waste.


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