Adventure Two: Hornhall (2 of 2)

Here’s the Vexgit compound.
So here’s the second part of what I drafted for what I ultimately have titled Hornhall. It originally was called “The Fang of Chaos” — a lot cooler sounding, I believe, but ultimately not a thing that the characters had anything to do with. This is  because this is where the characters started drastically shaking my expectations. If you read my notes to the last adventure (but I’d be surprised if you did! :)), you will know that Bo will have had a religious experience with a Norn and have obtained a Thunder-Oak Wand. You also will know that Cyris will have had a mystical experience with Korg a Dwarf Monk of the Temple of the Stalwart Stone (something that never happened, for Cyris dropped out of the game). The coolest part of the journey is when the characters get into Ogrekin territory. When they camped, and when Rajhin was on watch, the half-troll noticed that the aurochs in the area instead of sleeping became restive. This is because, as Rahjin soon was find out, Ogrekin were using the smell of their own bodies to herd the aurochs into a position to trample the players when the Ogrekin chose to spring out and startle them. This happened. Gish used a Hero Point to spring into a tree. The other players were mostly trampled but not quite dead. The Ogrekin charged up behind the aurochs, intending to loot the dead bodies. I think Rajhin intimidated or smashed some charging aurochs enough to foul their charge. Someone used a potion or oil of Obscuring Mist. The Ogrekin came right up to the edge of the mist, and Rahjin used his scent to step out and kill them. This was a pretty fun encounter, and the players got creative in a bad situation.

Next the players were supposed to have an encounter with Ranchers and Dogs (Blue Heelers), for the Dogs did not like the smell of the half-troll. This situation was defused. The players were supposed to get enamored by gothic, undeady, bony wares in the Tengu Bazaar in the midst of the massive camp that had been set up around Hornhall, but by this time they were way too afraid of pickpockets and the generally cloying atmosphere of all those raven feathers, thick and miasmic in the air, so that they totally ignored Chiruk, who tried to join their party after stopping some Tengu children from pickpocketing them (aptly seen through as a confidence game), and the many dainties that the shopkeepers dangled in front of their faces. Gish was dead set on getting this message to Herm Hammerhand. So they got through the Tengu encampment, met Arva, leader of the Heeders of the Call (an Order of Cavaliers) at the foot of the road to the heights of Hornhall, then ignored everything possible to get to the top as soon as possible. At this point, as GM, I was very surprised to find them up here already. I had no more content prepared. I totally didn’t know what was going to happen in an encounter with Herm Hammerhand. I said that we must continue later. There was disappointment, particularly on the face of Rahjin’s player: we hadn’t fought anything this session! So I had a Gray Ooze pop out of a nearby stream. It was fun! We ended the session with a little more satisfaction.

Here is how we picked it up a week or so later:

Arva stood to her hips in the slow-running stream. As the life force left the gray ooze, it broke into oil, viscid droplets that floated along the surface of the water. From her shoulders Arva unbuckled her metal breastplate—still steaming and pitted from the ooze’s acid—and dropped it on the shallow bank. Then she removed her helm. It became apparent now that that long, golden braid was not her own hair—or at least it was not at this time attached to her head—because the whole thing came away from her smooth-shorn scalp.

“Now you know what sort of monsters curse Hornhall,” she said. But even as she had said the word monsters her gaze had been arrested by Rahjin, his cowl thrown back, his tusky underbite jutting a good three inches out from his green-hued lower lip.

Her hand reflexively went to the handle of her longsword at her side. The blade scraped steel emerging from its scabbard. “You wear the face of our enemy,” she said, her eyes narrowing to the keen edge of sword blades. “You aided me here, but that may indeed be a ploy for my trust. You have one breath in which to explain yourself, monster.”

On the veranda leading up to the hall sits Mun weaving a tapestry, though her eyes are clouded with the Oracle’s curse. The tapestry depicts the great maw of a linnorm gaping open, its fangs sunk into the gnarled roots of a great tree. Higher up, depictions of people and structures cling to the roots. Even farther up, the tree starts to resemble not so much the shaft of a tree but the strata of a great city, one level after another build on the other.

She says, “The Hammerhand is in council and may not be disturbed. Give me the message, and I will see that he receives it.”

Arva: Begging your pardon, Lorekeeper, but if the Hammerhand is indeed in council, how is it that you are not there?

Moreover, they hear music coming out from within.

Herm lost his hand to a battle with an Ice Troll, part of a sortie from Irrisen that met Herm as he was riding to the aid of Warm Hearth during the Battle of Winter Blight.

Stepping into the Hall, the PCs meet crowds of people—nobles, mostly, though they still dress as Ulfen warriors. Their furs are too clean and apparently costly, because they seem too exotic. They have too many colors in their woolens. Their leathers are carefully worked in designs of a southron style. Many Halfling servants scurry about. It’s not at first clear where Herm is, because of the many knots of people, the smoke—not all of which is emerging from the many open hearths, the smoke lingering along the high rafters before at last escaping through the open holes. Any centrality is confusing because in the center of the hall, wide stairs lead up to an enclosed platform with two double doors thrown open. Glancing in there, one might see a sober guard at attention and a stand covered with a crystal cover. Inside the crystal cover is the horn of Grung, a horn that glitters as if it is made out of a combination of silver and quartz. The rumor is that Grung was a giant bison companion to Erastil (one of many animal companions, if all the tales are to be believed). When Grung died, Erastil fashioned two warhorns from his friend; one he kept, another he gave to the men who dwelt in Hornhall. A blast of that horn is said to ring in the bodies of every warrior sworn to Hornhall to call them to arms and to ennoble them with courage. The last time that horn was blown was when the Heeders of the Call rode out from Hornhall for the Battle of Winter Blight.

Herm is among his courtiers. His lover Belwin, an athletic and aging warrior with a trim, silver mustache. His Halfling steward Poehler. And any number of prominent lords and ladies. Shieldwarrior Magid, who runs a school in town. Trade Guildsman Kandor with his many rings (some of them magical and poisoned). And Horse Master Stonehoof (Dwarf).

Herm is unlikely to be receptive to the PCs, committed to a policy of insulation and security for Hornhall alone. Also, if he becomes aware of Rahjin’s appearance, his experience with trolls (losing his hand) makes him even less receptive. He’s agreeable to allowing the PCs to ask around about missing children, however, and even directs Poehler to write them out letters of free passage.

selbst gemacht / 2005-03-13
Gremlin Vexgit Infestation:

  1. First ambush, pit trap (DC 20 to spot and disable) and then three Vexgit leap out. Fulcrumb and two others. DC 27 to spot. May try to knock off the platform. Reflex save (DC 20) to grab on. 15 foot fall (1d6+2) to the next level. Reflex save to avoid falling into gears and taking major damage (additional 2d6).

Treasure: Three warhammers, 17 gp

  1. Tunnel slants down into the ground for a while. The walls are hardened, calcified earth. Stonecunning (DC 18) may spot passage in cave-in. Leads to wealthy tomb. The coffins have been knocked over and a Gelatinous Cube is inside (DC 15 to spot while motionless) in corner next to door locked from outside. Green, luminescent slime coming up through large sinkhole passage at the far edge. All the coffins have been knocked over (they are stone, with hardened grasses still on the top, and horns for handles by which to lift them. There is a carving of an aurochs head against the far wall, with a gold ring in its snout and gems in its eyes.

Treasure: 40 gp, 2 gems worth 25 gp each (in eyes), Jasper 25 gp, unworked Tourmaline 25 gp, black pearl 250 gp, in cube – Masterwork Padded Armor and Masterwork Cold Iron Spear, Horn of Shake Enemy (DC 15), black with skulls and etchings suggesting a flying murder of ravens carved in it.

  1. Passage leads down to a slow-moving underground stream. The passage is slick, and PCs must make increasing Climb or Strength checks (10, 15, 20, or automatic with rope) to keep holding on and prevent themselves from sliding down the passage. A sickening stench also assails them (two checks DC 15, then DC 20 or be sickened for as long as one is in the passage). An Otyugh is down here, living in a dugout above the stream. It is feeding on sewage that has gotten into an old garbage pit. A large moving stream passes out from it. Random encounters: 1 – Darkmantles, 2 – Electric eels, 3 – Giant crabs, 4 – Slurks.

Treasure (Otyugh): 32 gp, Scroll Aspect of the Falcon (25 gp, 1-1, falcon image where the edges of the paper meet), lesser minor wand (Disguise self 750 gp 38 charges 1-1, clear crystal—color keeps subtly shifting)

At the confluence is a mound raised above the stream. An inscription on the stone door warns all looters that here resides Geirmol, ancient Linnorm King of Hornhall, and that she is perpetually protected by her lover Herbrand. A Mummy here sitting perpetually on guard just inside guards his lord (a deceased hero) and a massive treasure. The Mummy was a lover who sacrificed his life to guard his love in perpetuity. Her name was Geirmol. His name was Herbrand.

Treasure: 500 gold armrings, two grade 4 gemstones, grade 5 gemstone, Elaborate silver wind chimes (60), Gold holy symbol of Erastil (100), Silver brazier of Erastil symbols (80), Silver egg with linnorm figurine (125), Gold statue of a linnorm (110), two grade 3 Painting of Geirmol (750), Gold chess set (500), Gold flute (1,000 gp), +1 Chainmail of Light Fortification, +1 Heavy steel shield of Benevolence (in the shape of a twisting aurochs horn), +1 Jurist Spear (inquisitor, shaft is scored with Old Skaldic runes), +1 Composite Longbow Distance light, fortified with horn inscribed with runes (10 +1 Merciful arrows [a glimmering white wood shaft], 20 Masterwork arrows), +1 Longsword Bane (Constructs) angular and heavy crossguard and hilts, adorned with gears, hilts have compartments, sword itself appears to be welded out of pieces, some sharp, some serrated, some notched.

  1. A locked door (DC 25) leads down a passage to what appears to be an old amphitheater. From the high balcony seats behind the PCs as they enter, the lines of the Cave Fishers (2) descend. No treasure (Vexgit keep it all, but there are plenty of gnome bones), but on a hook on the stage is a Cloak of Greater Disguise Self, usable once a day and lasting so many rounds. They also find old playbills advertising the Wooing of Samo. They contain a summation of the story.

Ross and whoever other PCs arrive directly after the battle of the Cave Fishers. Ross or whoever carries a gift for Gish—a cold iron gnomish hooked hammer—Grazzle’s wife, Glimmer, scolded Grazzle after the PCs had gone for failing to provide them adequately—or at least to warn them—of the Vexgits’ resistance to normal weapons. Luckily Grazzle recently had experimented with a bomb that emitted cold iron dust into the air, recently exploded after the Vexgits’ opened the latest tunnel into the pumphouse, but he concluded that the bomb is too costly and too dangerous to the equipment. (Time aboveground: Early afternoon)

The Wooing of Samo

In the morning of the world Erastil went hunting in the far north at the Crown of the World. All was frozen there. It was a land of Ice Giants. Erastil saw Samo, an Ice Giant, bathing in a hot spring. He promptly fell in love with her. When he attempted to woo her, though, by getting into the bath with her right there, she rejected him, calling for her nearby sisters, who were terrible and more powerful than she, thereby driving Old Deadeye away.

But Old Deadeye had fallen in love, and he was determined to catch her. So he set about crafting himself an arrow of love. The construction of this kind of arrow has been lost today, but it was fletched with feathers of a swan who had just mated for life. The arrowhead was formed of a magic crystal that had caught moonbeams. Again he sneaked up on the spring, but this time he called to Samo. When she stood, he fired his love shaft straight toward her beautiful breast. As the arrow sped, it shrunk to the size of a fir-needle and lodged in her heart. This caused her to fall in love with Erastil. This time when Samo’s savage sisters answered her cry, Samo shooed them away and took Erastil into her spring.

For three winters Erastil lived with Samo, hunting in the summers and returning to Samo’s arms in the winters. Samo lived in a great castle with all of her sisters, and during this time many of them fell in love with Erastil, especially the most savage of Samo’s sisters, Blir. But Erastil, knowing how unfair he had been to Samo through the means in which he had captured her, rejected Blir in deference to Samo. “I only will lie with Samo,” Erastil said.

So Blir contrived to create an illusion so convincing that Erastil would lie with her, thinking she was Samo. For three moons she studied her sister’s behavior, her movements, her ways of speech. She cast spells that would allow her to take on the very mirror substance of her sister, and in so doing learned of the secret pin in Samo’s heart.

At last she was ready. One wintry night she told Samo that Erastil had gone off to his winter camp and waited there for Samo with a great surprise. So Samo went off to join her lover, and Blir, disguising herself as her sister, came to Erastil that night.

The next day Samo returned and confronted Erastil about his duplicity. Soon the whole story was out. In a fit of jealousy, Samo ambushed her Blir, killing her. But, with her dying breath, Blir told Samo of the needle she had discovered in Samo’s heart. Then she used the last of her magic to weaken Erastil’s enchantment on Samo.

Suddenly mourning her sister, Samo pulled out her own heart to ascertain the truth of Blir’s words. She pulled the pin out of her heart, and the arrow returned to normal size. Her heart, though, remained hateful to her, because Erastil had used it for so long, so she threw it away.

Next she went, with a gaping hole in her chest, to avenge herself on Erastil. But he escaped from her wrath and from that of Samo’s surviving sisters. It is said that Samo remains alive through necromantic power, still seeking after Erastil, hoping to slay him, sometimes coming as far south as the Stormspear Mountains in her search. Many parents caution their children not to couple too soon, claiming that Samo also wants to avenge herself on all lovers for the way in which she has been misused. She particularly delights in slaying young lovers.

Art by Sailko
The ghost of Navari inhabits this auditorium. This is why the auditorium had been sealed off. He hanged himself above the stage, but his decomposing body has dropped it and his belongings down onto the stage. He had been in love with Martela (who played Samo), but Intigor (who played Blir) had come to him with the cloak of disguise as Martela. When Martela found out, she left Navari, and he hanged himself.

The Cloak of Disguise is on a coat rack on stage surrounded by a ten-foot pit trap that goes into the sound pit. The sound pit contains drums—a timpani, cymbals, etc.—a large cello (which actually is a Mimic), trumpets, flutes, old music on music stands, and a horn (etched with a procession of a sun blurring to stars into a moon back to stars back to a sun) Harp of Lullaby.

Both wings have been collapsed, but stairs with one landing, in the back of the stage, lead to a dressing room. There is a Masterwork Disguise Kit in here, if all the material is collected, a large mirror, and a coat rack with a Cloaker on it. The mirror is a secret door (DC 25). Behind it is treasure. Another wall is weak (DC 20) to discover an opening to the underground river. Phosphorescent slime is on the walls. It streams down to meet with the other branch. At the confluence is an island in the debris with a house on it.

Secret treasure: 2,000 gp, three grade 3 gemstones, grade 4 gemstone, Book of Lost Songs by Famous Skald (3,000 gp). The Skald is Gwyndir, who has been said to have traveled multiple planes, eventually arriving in Erastil’s Hunting Grounds, where he learned and sang the exploits of many famous heroes. Reading any of the staves before performing an action, including combat, delivers a +1 inspiration bonus. Reading the book is difficult, because it’s in an archaic form of Skaldic resembling Thassilonian. DC 15 each time the book is used for anyone knowing Skaldic or Thassilonian. The check cannot be attempted again for one hour.

Navari (CR 3), CE M humanoid ghost, Init +2, Senses Darkvision 60, Perception +12, AC 18 (+1 dodge, +2 Dex, +5 Cha), hp 22 (2d8+10), Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +2; +4 vs. bardic performance; Defensive Abilities Channel Resistance +4, Incorporeal, Rejuvenation; Spd 30, Fly 30; Melee Corrupting Touch +2 (3d6 – Fort Save [DC 14] halves); Special Attacks bardic performance 9 rds/day (countersong, distraction, fascinate [DC 17], inspire courage +1); Bard Spells Known (CL 2nd; concentration +7) 1 – (3/day) comprehend languages, hideous laughter (DC 16), ventriloquism 0 – (at will) dancing lights, daze (DC 15), ghost sound (DC 15), message, prestidigitation; Str -, Dex 14, Con -, Int 13, Wis 8, Cha 21; Base Atk +1, CMB +2, CMD 14; Feats Dodge, Skill Focus (Perform) [Oratory]; Skills Bluff +8, Diplomacy +11, Disguise +10, Intimidate +8, KS (local) +7, Perception +12, Perform (act) +8, Perform (oratory) +11, Sense Motive +11, Sleight of Hand +7, Stealth +14.

Gear: Masterwork Rapier, Random gems, gold pieces, silver pieces, +1 Boots of sure footedness.

Navari begins by using ghost sound of the play, perhaps ventriloquism. If anything scary happens, he will cast hideous laughter on someone. He may even start his bardic performance to fascinate the PCs in the play. The only way to put him to rest is to somehow learn about his tragic past and to replay it but either with him rejecting the second woman or with forgiveness this time.

Hidden in a compartment (DC 20) in one of the shelves is a +1 Magic Light Flail of Spell Storage. It is wrapped in ancient linen. The handle is of bone. The flail itself is inscribed with arcane runes. A compartment opens (a rune of opening shifts, DC 15) for the storage of spell components. If opened the most recently stored spell releases on the opener the currently stored spell Summon Swarm.

  1. Another locked door (DC 30) opens to stairs that lead steeply down to an ancient library. A Shadow haunts here. There is a table. An ornate oil lamp in the form of a bull horn, long burned out, on the table. A chair in which is a long-decayed skeleton. Under the dried pen at the fingers is the last line, in Thassilonian, of a dark poem. A book open nearby on the table is a tome of bleak philosophy that argues that the only rational response to the state of the universe is to embrace emptiness, annihilation, death. This is what created the Shadow.

And Andrastor ascended to the tower top

To rise above the fumes and warmth of life

He oped his arms to empty void of night

Bled out his soul unto its unresisting knife

Treasure: In fake book (Ancient Lays of Thassilon) search DC 25 (20 if PCs choose to search book specifically). It is magically trapped – Shocking Grasp (3d6) – if opened. 60 gp, 4 pp, Potion of Magic Vestment (looks like mercury/steel, 750 gp, 3-5), Wand of Magic Circle Against Good (11,250 gp, 3-5). On the table, the Book of the Void, bound in fuligin with an aura of cold because warmth around it is absorbed, if looked at directly viewer must overcome fascinate spell-like ability (DC 12) or read the book for 1d4 rounds. When read, grants +2 on any KS religion, arcana, planes. Moreover, a Use Magic Item (DC 17) grants the user one of the following spell-like abilities for as many minutes as their caster level or rogue level. Each time one uses the book, however, one takes a point of Void Damage, unperceived unless this is investigated magically. Once it reaches the value of the character’s Wis or Cha score (whichever is higher) the character becomes a Shadow. Parts of the book speak of Nidhig poetically as the Consuming Cold. Finally, one of the tomes in the bookshelf is impossibly bound in ice. Any organic material touching it freezes instantly to it. Reflex DC 15 from a PC reduces superficial damage to 1d4. Failure means the book is frozen to the PC. It can be torn away with 2d6 specific damage that results in a wound. The pages in the bookshelf have bled out a rift in material space that is a rectangular opening into Nifelhome: despairing cold and white blue mists leak out of it. Breathing the fumes results in DC 15 to resist 1d4 Con damage. This mist has been leaking down into the pool that the Vexgit aim to pump into the city.

  1. Here the PCs come upon fairly regular stables, the stable walls built up with hardened sod. There even is some fairly preserved straw and hay and oats here and there, but all of the metal (tack and buckets and horseshoes) have been salvaged by the Vexgit (or fed to the Rust Monster). A Centipede Swarm occurs if any of the fodder is disturbed. At the end of the stable is a wide gate (10’). Through the gate another room may be seen, a steel door at the far end. Opening the gate releases a 10×10 pit trap (DC 20 to spot and disable) that drops any PCs 20 ft (2d6) (Reflex 20 to avoid) into a pit with a Rust Monster and some gnome bones. The trap also sets off a bell ringing in the guard room. No treasure.

In the event of an alarm, all Vexgit will hide themselves in the chaos of the common room to ambush PCs as soon as they enter. If the tide turns against them, they will retreat to the Work Room, dropping the blast doors behind them (studded with blades) to complete their work of poisoning all of Hornhall.

  1. The door here is stuck and reinforced. The Vexgit come and go through a small door in its base, which is locked (DC 30). On the other side of the door is a 5’ passage. A Vexgit guard sits outside a Guard Room with a trained Dire Rat. Inside the Guard Room is one other Vexgit at a table at rest, usually monkeying with various contraptions. From this room a system of strings and pulleys can summon anyone individually or alert the entire dungeon.

Treasure: Two warhammers, 11 gp.

  1. This door is unlocked but trapped (DC 20, 20) depending on how the character depresses the handle (50%), releasing a Wall Scythe Trap (Atk +20) (2d4+6/x4). On the other side is a kennel containing Four Dire Rats. There is a 50% chance that anyone entering the room will step on a panel that releases the Rats from their cages.
  2. Another locked door (DC 25) (though it opens if someone figures out the device) opens into a common room. The common room (two Vexgit, more if there is an alarm) is full of implements, table and chairs, and this is where they eat and entertain each other with gadgets. A winding, creaking metal staircase in the center of the room descends to the common rooms and privies. An opening to the north leads to the kitchen.
  3. Kitchen. One Vexgit. An open pit in the upper right for kitchen waste. Stairs descend to cold storage.
  4. This is the library. There are a number of books here written in Undercommon (and some not, pillaged from the area). Stairs at one edge lead up to a heavily reinforced shut door. If opened, more stairs are revealed leading up to another level (the Derro).
  5. Alchemist’s Lab. The door here is locked and trapped and enters an alchemist lab, in which is the Alchemist at work with one trained Venomous Snake. Another simply locked door leads to his private chambers.

Cataliss, Alchemist Lvl 2

Tiny fey, Init +1, Senses darkvision 120, low-light; Perception +5; AC 16, touch 14, flat 14 (+1 Dex, +2 natural, +2 size); hp 21; Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +3; DR 5/cold iron; SR 12; Spd 20, climb 20; Melee warhammer +1 (1d4-2/x3), bite -1 (1d3-2); Space 2.5; Reach 0; Special speedy sabotage, wrecking crew; Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration +1) At will – prestidigitation, 1/hour – rusting grasp, snare; Str 6, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 11; Base Atk +1, CMB -1, CMD 7; Feats Skill Focus (Disable Device), Toughness, Weapon Finesse, Dodge; Skills Appraise +3, Climb +14, Craft (traps) +7, Disable Device +11, KS (engineering) +2, Perception +7, Stealth +15 (+19 in metal or stony areas, +11 when moving); Racial mods +4 Disable Device, +4 Stealth in metal or stony areas, -4 Stealth when moving; Languages Undercommon, Skald.

Bomb 1d6+1, ranged 20’ touch attack with splash damage to all creatures one square nearby, Mutagen Dex +2 AC, +4 Dex, -2 Wis., poison resistance +2, poison use, Explosive bomb 10’ radius, 1d6 fire damage each round, Reflex save 12 to stop flames, rolling on ground +2.

Treasure: 3 bombs (ranged touch attack 20’ 1d6+1 fire damage – degrade), 2 extracts crafter’s fortune, enlarge person, Potion of Feather Step (white and bubbly), Potion of Keen Senses (crystal clear), Potion of Shield of Faith (opaque glimmer with hints of blue), Potion of Magic Fang (looks like sharp metal file glints in it), Vial of Nidhig’s Venom (a cold, spectral mist) (2)

  1. Sorcerer’s Chamber. Door locked and trapped with Burning Hands Trap (DC 26, 26). Trigger is proximity. 2d4 damage in 15’ cone, Reflex DC 11 for half. Inside is Sorcerer and Venomous Snake.

Gearglamer, Sorcerer Lvl 1 (aberrant bloodline)

Tiny fey, Init +1, Senses darkvision 120, low-light; Perception +5; AC 16, touch 14, flat 14 (+1 Dex, +2 natural, +2 size); hp 12; Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +3; DR 5/cold iron; SR 12; Spd 20, climb 20; Melee warhammer +0 (1d4-2/x3), bite -2 (1d3-2); Space 2.5; Reach 0; Special speedy sabotage, wrecking crew; Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration +1) At will – prestidigitation, 1/hour – rusting grasp, snare; Str 6, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 11; Base Atk +0, CMB -1, CMD 7; Feats Skill Focus (Disable Device), Toughness, Weapon Finesse, Dodge; Skills Appraise +2, Climb +13, Craft (traps) +5, Disable Device +9, KS (engineering) +2, KS (arcana) +1, Spellcraft +1, Perception +5, Stealth +13 (+17 in metal or stony areas, +9 when moving), Use Magic Device +1; Racial mods +4 Disable Device, +4 Stealth in metal or stony areas, -4 Stealth when moving; Languages Undercommon, Skald

Spells: 0-4, 1-2 (3 a day) Acid Ray (3x a day) 30’ ranged touch 1d6 acid.

0-Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close, Arcane Mark

1-Alarm, Hold Portal

Treasure: 32 gp, 3 greater minor scrolls (Scorching Ray 2-3), (Unseen Servant 1-1) (Shield 1-1), lesser minor wand (Deathwatch 31 charges 1-1)

  1. Rogue Leader’s Chamber. Door is locked and trapped with Electricity Arc Trap (DC 25, 20) 4d6 electricity damage, Reflex 20 for half, all targets in 30’ line. His room contains a secret door (stonecunning to spot) DC 30 and is trapped with another Electricity Arc. This room is a treasure vault. Rogue Leader and Venomous Snake.

Steelshims, Rogue Lvl 3

Tiny fey, Init +5, Senses darkvision 120, low-light; Perception +5; AC 16, touch 14, flat 14 (+1 Dex, +2 natural, +2 size); hp 28; Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +3; DR 5/cold iron; SR 12; Spd 20, climb 20; Melee warhammer +2 (1d4-2/x3), bite +0 (1d3-2); Space 2.5; Reach 0; Special speedy sabotage, wrecking crew; Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration +1) At will – prestidigitation, 1/hour – rusting grasp, snare; Str 6, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 11; Base Atk +2, CMB -1, CMD 7; Feats Skill Focus (Disable Device), Toughness, Weapon Finesse, Dodge, Improved Initiative; Skills Acrobatics +4, Appraise +5, Climb +16, Craft (traps) +8, Disable Device +12, Escape Artist +4, KS (engineering) +5, Perception +8, Stealth +16 (+20 in metal or stony areas, +12 when moving); Racial mods +4 Disable Device, +4 Stealth in metal or stony areas, -4 Stealth when moving; Languages Undercommon, Skald.

Sneak attack 2d6, trapfinding, evasion, trap sense +1, trap spotter.

Treasure: 25 gp, Masterwork Tiny Chain Shirt, Masterwork Tiny Warhammer, Two Lesser Minor Potions (Hide from Animals, Green hue with gray swirls, 1-1) (Purify Food and Drink, crystal clear, 0-1)

Treasure Hoard: 6000 cp, 160 sp, 400 gp, 23 pp, +1 Tower Shield, Greater Minor Wand, sparky and enchanting (1-1 Hypnotism, 18 charges), Five grade 3 gems (2 unworked amethysts 50 gp, unworked jade 25, unworked garnet 25, worked amethyst 50, Gold chalice with griffon carvings (600 gp).

  1. Jail cells. Across the hall is a torture chamber. One Vexgit and Gripple.
  2. Stairs descend to a Vexgit graveyard. In the center of the graveyard is a reinforced door over a dark pit. It reaches down 30’ to the next level of the dungeon, the Dark Creepers. There is a Violet Fungus in here feeding on the bodies of the Vexgit, which are part of a machine construction that shows them, as clockwork, performing their most evil deeds in life.
  3. Infirmary. Two Vexgit (one sick). Medicines and potions of Cure Light Wounds.
  4. Smithy. Mechanical forges using natural gas. One Vexgit. A locked door (DC 20, 20) is trapped with jets of flame that do 6d6 flame damage in 10’ area cylinder. On the other side is the armory. Just warhammers, but also some small cold iron weapons confiscated from gnomes: spear, light hammer, and longsword.
  5. Workroom. This is the climax of the dungeon. Out of the ceiling are still functioning gears and pistons attached to the wind turbine, but the Vexgit are constructing the finishing touches on the base of a pump that will suck up waters infected with Niddhogg’s poison to go into the water supply of Hornhall. This water has seeped up from the ground and is mingling with the sewage. It glows slightly a spectral blue and exudes acidic, cold, dry ice wisps that suggest intelligence. Despite the heat of the forges here, the cold radiating from this is chilling. There are open gaps here and there and many catwalks. Six Vexgit are hard at work here, along with two trained Dire Rats on guard duty. Close contact with the water could result in a shaken or sickened state (DC 15). One also could fall or be pushed through the floor openings. The water would cause people to lose all zest for life, to grow cold and then die.

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