From the Winterfang Conclave t0 the Stormspear Hills

By Friedrich Wilhelm Heine (1845-1921)

I believe I last left my PCs following a root of the extraplanar Irminsul. The Irminsul had telepathy and tongues, so I had it imprint a map onto all of the PCs’ minds. Within the winding passages of the roots of the cosmic tree, I had about six possible encounters planned (one of which included a new creation of mine — a “sap ooze”), but through the Irminsul’s telepathic link I told the PCs that they were permitted to choose two of these encounters, ignoring the others, since the Irminsul could direct them away from most of them but not all. The PCs chose an encounter with a Nalfeshnee demon; they did this so that they could try out their animals’ new Celestial Templates. Their second encounter choice was six Giant Beetles.

The PCs came into a humid, jungly passage inside a root that resided right over the demon lord Anghazan’s realm of Ahvoth-Kor. Levitating up through the center of this passage was the Nalfeshnee. The PCs beat it.

The PCs’ encounter with the Beetles was kind of like wack-a-mole.

After this they found themselves in caves around the central tree of the Icemark Conclave.

I had Bo Monro’s player improv information for me. As a result, the name of his order’s leader became Obadai (a corruption of the God of the Druids, I am told, from 3E). He also encountered Bregar, an old friend of his, a fungus farmer. Obadai told the group that all of the Dwarf Druids had abandoned their tree houses for the caves in the roots of their central holy tree, since the dying Tree with its virtuous presence had been unable to keep out the dread Wendigo. Also, they had learned that an Ice Linnorm assailed the taproot of the tree.

Dromar of course decided to go face the Ice Linnorm on his own. We pbp’d it. It was stupid (because Dromar won handily) but it was fun. When everyone got back together for the next session, Obadai proclaimed Bo Monro the new head of the order, giving to him his gnarled fir staff with a glittering, icy, sharp fir-cone at the top. He told Bo Monro that he had had a vision in which the “fangs” of their Winterfang had stabbed back at what was worrying at it. This was a clue for Bo later, in a fight with Ice Drakes and Ice Elementals charging out of the rift, to drop down into the rift and stab the staff-spear into the fissure. This closed it. Continue reading